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    Our Solution Partners

    Solutions Partners

    Online Standart can provide content from over 500 different Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) and book publishers.

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    A2LA – American Association For Laboratory Accreditation

    A4A – Airlines for America ®

    AA – Aluminum Association

    AABC – Associated Air Balance Council

    AAMI – Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

    AAMVA – American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

    AAPL – American Association of Professional Landmen

    AAR – Association of American Railroads

    AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

    AATCC – American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

    ABA – American Bankers Association

    ABMA – American Bearing Manufacturers Association

    ABMA/BOIL – American Boiler Manufacturers Association

    ABS – American Bureau of Shipping

    ACADEMIC – Academic Press

    ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors of America

    ACDE – Association of Commercial Diving Educators

    ACGIH – American Conference of Government Industrial Hygenists

    ACI – American Concrete Institute

    ACS – American Chemical Society

    ADA – American Dental Association

    ADS – Advancing UK Aerospace Defence and Security Industries

    ADSN/WESLY – Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.


    ADVDM – Advanced Dimensional Management

    AEC – Automotive Electronics Council

    AECMA – AECMA – European Association of Aerospace Industries

    AEIC – Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

    AENOR – Asociacion Espanola de Normalizacion y Certificacion

    AES – Audio Engineering Society

    AF – US Air Force


    AFNOR – Association Française de Normalisation

    AFS – American Foundrymen’s Society

    AGA – American Gas Association

    AGMA – American Gear Manufacturers Association

    AHAM – Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

    AHRI – Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute

    AI/ASPHALT – Asphalt Institute

    AIA/ARCH – American Institute of Architects

    AIA/INSURN – American Insurance Association

    AIA/NAS – Aerospace Industries Association

    AIAA – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAG – Automotive Industry Action Group

    AICHE – American Institute of Chemical Engineers

    AIHA – American Industrial Hygiene Assn.

    AIIM – Association for Intelligent Information Management

    AIM – Association for Automatic Identification & Mobility

    AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction

    AISE – Association of Iron and Steel Engineers

    AISI – American Iron and Steel Institute

    AIST – Association for Iron and Steel Technology

    AITC – American Institute of Timber Construction

    ALI/LADDER – The American Ladder Institute

    ALI/LIFT – Automotive Lift Insitute

    ALPEMA – Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Manufacturers’ Association

    ALSC – American Lumber Standards Committee

    AMACOM – AMACOM Books, A division of the American Management Assn.

    AMCA – Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.

    ANLA – American Nursury and Landscape Association

    ANMC – American National Metric Council

    ANS – American Nuclear Society

    ANSI – American National Standards Institute

    AOAC – Association of Official Analytical Chemists

    AOCS – American Oil Chemists’ Society

    APA – APA – The Engineered Wood Association

    APHA – American Public Health Association

    API – American Petroleum Institute

    APSP – Association for Pool & Spa Professionals

    APTA – American Public Transportation Association

    AREMA – American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association

    ARINC – ARINC Industry Activities

    ARMA/INTL – ARMA International

    ARTECH – Artech House

    ASA – Acoustical Society of America

    ASABE – American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

    ASC/O5 – Accredited Standards Committee/O5

    ASC/X9 – Accredited Standards Committee/X9

    ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers


    ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

    ASIS – American Society for Industrial Security

    ASM – ASM International

    ASME – ASME International

    ASNT – American Society of Nondestructive Testing

    ASQ – American Society for Quality

    ASSE – American Society of Sanitary Engineering

    ASSE/SAFE – American Society of Safety Engineers

    ASSP – American Society of Safety Professionals

    ASTM – ASTM International

    ATA/AIR – Air Transport Association of America

    ATA/TRUCK – American Trucking Association

    ATIS – Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions


    AWC – American Wood Council

    AWCI – Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry

    AWI – Architectural Woodwork Institute

    AWPA/WOOD – American Wood Protection Association

    AWS – American Welding Society, Inc.

    AWWA – American Water Works Association

    CA – Compressed Air Magazine Company

    CAA – Civil Aviation Authority

    CAGI – Compressed Air and Gas Institute

    CAM-I – Consortium of Advanced Management International

    CARL – Carl Heymanns Verlag KG

    CASE – C.A.S.E. Inc. – Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation

    CASTI – Codes and Standards Training, Inc.

    CCPI – Computer Cabling Products International

    CDA – Copper Development Association

    CEA – Consumer Electronics Association

    CECC – Cenelec Electronic Components Committee

    CEI – Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano

    CEMA – Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association

    CEN – European Committee for Standardization


    CEPT – European Conference of the Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

    CFR – US Code of Federal Regulations

    CGA/CANADA – Canadian Gas Association

    CGA/GAS – Compressed Gas Association

    CGSB – Canadian General Standard Board

    CHAPMAN – Chapman and Hall

    CI/CHLOR – Chlorine Institute

    CIE – The International Commission on Illumination

    CISPI – Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute

    CLARION – Clarion, Inc.

    CLSI – Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute

    CMAA – Crane Manufacturers Association of America

    CPA – Composite Panel Association

    CPC – Chemical Publishing Company

    CRC – CRC Press

    CRSI – Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

    CS UK – The Concrete Society

    CSA – CSA Group

    CSA/AM – CSA Gas Standards

    CSI – Construction Specifications Institute, Inc.

    CTA – Consumer Technology Association (Formerly CEA)

    CTI – Cooling Tower Institute

    CTI/TILE – Ceramic Tile Institute

    IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

    IAEI – International Association of Electrical Inspectors

    IAPMO – International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

    IATA – International Air Transport Association

    ICAC – Institute of Clean Air Companies

    ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization

    ICC – International Code Council

    ICEA – Insulated Cable Engineers Association

    ICELANDIC – Icelanic Council for Standardization – Technological Institute of Iceland

    IDEA – Independent Distributors of Electronics Association

    IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission

    IEE – Institution of Engineering and Technology

    IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    IES – Illuminating Engineering Society

    IEST – Inst. of Environmental Sciences and Technology

    IET – Institution of Engineering and Technology

    IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force

    IFI/FASTNR – Industrial Fasteners Institute

    IFSTA – International Fire Service Training Association

    IIAR – International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration

    IIE – Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers

    IME – Institute of Makers of Explosives

    IMI – International Masonry Institute

    IMO – International Maritime Organization

    INCITS – InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

    IP – The Institute of Petroleum

    IPC – IPC International

    IPS – Intellectual Property Shield

    ISA – International Society of Automation

    ISANTA – International Staple, Nail and Tool Association

    ISDI – Insulated Steel Door Institute

    ISEA – International Safety Equipment Association

    ISO – International Organization for Standardization

    ISPE – International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

    ISS – Iron and Steel Society

    ISSA – International Slurry Surfacing Association

    ISTA – International Safe Transit Association

    ISUZU – Isuzu Motor Company

    ITG – IT Governance Ltd.

    ITU-R – International Telecommunications Union – Radiocommunications Sector

    ITU-T – International Telecommunications Union -Telecommunication Standardization Sector

    IWCA – International Window Cleaning Association

    NAAMM – National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers

    NACE – NACE International

    NADCA – North American Die Casting Association

    NAHB – National Association of Home Builders

    NAIMA – North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

    NAR – National Association Of Rocketry

    NASA – National Air and Space Administration

    NATICK – Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center

    NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    NAVISTAR – Navistar International(Formerly International Truck and Engine Corporation)

    NAVY – US Navy

    NBBI – The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

    NBN – Bureau de Normalisation

    NCMA – National Concrete Masonry Association

    NCRP – National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement

    NCSC – National Computer Security Center

    NCSL – National Conference of Standards Laboratories

    NEBB – National Environmental Balancing Bureau

    NECA – National Electrical Contractors Association

    NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association

    NEN – Netherlands Standardization Institute

    NETA – InterNational Electrical Testing Association

    NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

    NFRC – National Fenestration Rating Council

    NIBS – National Institute of Building Sciences

    NIOSH – National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

    NISO – National Information Standards Organization

    NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology

    NLB – National Lighting Bureau

    NMEA – National Marine Electronics Association

    NPES – The Association for Suppliers of Printing Publishing and Converting Technologies

    NPFC – Military and Government Specs & Standards (Naval Publications and Form Center)

    NRC – National Research Council Canada

    NRC/NUC – United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    NRCA – National Roofing Contractors Association

    NRMC – National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

    NSC – National Safety Council

    NSF – NSF International

    NTIS – National Technical Information Service

    NWWDA – Window and Door Manufacturers Association

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