About Us

Who Are We?

”Your Reliable Partner in Information Services and Technologies”


As Online Bilgi, we have been providing services in the field of information services and technologies in our Istanbul and Ankara offices since 2014.
We continue to be your solution partner in the field of science and technology with our expert staff with more than 35 years of experience in the sector.
Services We Provide;
  • We support academics to create solutions that are tailored to their needs by providing a reliable and comprehensive information flow that they can evaluate in their research fields.
  • We enable institutions to compete globally by facilitating access to industry data, up-to-date market research and standard documentation.
  • We provide researchers working under the umbrella of public institutions with the reliable information they need.

Our Solutions

Customized on a sectoral basis our solutions include
Analytics Solutions,
Research Database,
Online Training,
Translation System,
Standard Provisioning Service,
– Publishing Service,
Clinical Research
We work to be your solution partner.

We Work For You

We serve a wide network of universities, consortium groups, research institutes, health and medical centers, public libraries, government agencies, organizations working in the field of security and defense industry, and we hope to see you among us.
Our products offer development opportunities to a wide variety of industry, ranging from industry to academia, from health sciences to publishing services, defense industry and security systems companies.
As Online Bilgi, we cooperate with more than 30 highly prestigious international publishers who offer content in our fields of work.
By following the current events and new developments in the rapidly changing world, we add publishers who offer the latest technologies to our portfolio.
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